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Running Tips - Recovery After A Long Run Or Speed Workout
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Publish-date-icon August 2, 2012
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A running program should contain hard running mixed in with easy days. This will help you to help keep running for a long and will keep your running fresh. Hard running days could be longer runs or speed work. And, what you do immediately after these hard days determines how you recover. Below are great tips regarding how to cool down after harder workout days.

One of the most essential things that you want to do whenever you finish off a hard workout is to replenish the fluids that you have lost. With respect to the length of the run that I've just completed and also the climate conditions, I'll either grab a bottle of water or perhaps a sports drink. And, sometimes, I may simply have both. If it is extremely hot out - you want to drink a sports drink to replace the electrolytes that you've lost while sweating during your run.


I'll take my bottle of water beside me and head back out of the door. I'll take a stroll for around a quarter of the mile approximately. This can help me for cooling down and helps with muscle recovery. You don't want to finish off a tough workout and immediately take a seat. This isn't good for you and will lead you to stiffen up - and can cause your run the next day to not go as well. I'll drink my bottle of water during this walk - so I'm accomplishing two important recovery things previously.

After i get back from my walk, then I is going to do a little stretching. I do not like to do anything too strenuous. Some light stretching likewise helps with muscle recovery. Another thing which i is going to do - especially following a longer run - is a self-massage of my legs. I've got a marathon stick - and that i love it and recommend it for those runners of levels. Whatever you do is run it a few times over your different leg muscles. It really works wonderfully - and feels great!

This is what I actually do after I perform a longer run or a speed workout. You just need some time for you to do this stuff - but they do work. It will help you to stay on the roads and keep running for life. These little tricks have worked for me for over 3 decades - and i am sure they will help you.

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